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Q & A's

1.  Do I need to be a professional model to apply? 

No, you don’t need to be a professional model to apply, however, being comfortable in front of the camera is kindly requested.

2.  Do I need to bring anything with me?

Depending on how we create your session, we may provide a few pieces of lingerie to wear to help create the look and overall feel of the boudoir session we desire to create. However, if you have a few lingerie pieces of your own that would look great for this session, we kindly ask that you bring them! Also, please bring your own stiletto’s.  We do provide all accessories and jewelry for your session. 

3.  What types of boudoir sessions are you creating for the Model Call?

We are seeking to create additional content for our website, social media and blog, therefore our Model Call boudoir sessions will be romantic, elegant, fine art and bespoke boudoir sessions.  

4.  Will there be any nudity to these boudoir sessions?

When we are seeking to create imagery that we can use for marketing and promotional purposes, full nudity will not be expected, however, semi nude or implied nude (not revealing any private areas, just giving the appearance of nudity. For paid sessions full nudity is allowed.

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